Why the Mediterranean Diet is One of the Healthiest

A recent survey conducted for the US News & Health Report found the Mediterranean diet to be the top in a number of categories. A panel of experts selected by the magazine voted it best in the following: Best diet overall; best diabetes diet; best for healthy eating, best for heart health, best plant-based diet and easiest diet to follow.

What’s Tulsi tea and 5 reasons to start drinking it

Tulsi tea, made from the revered Ocimum Tenuiflorum plant, also known as “Holy Basil” and the “Queen of Herbs”, is considered the most sacred herb of India. Worshipped by Hindus for its spiritual powers as much as its restorative benefits, the tea has also been found to be incredibly nutritious, giving it a growing popularity in the West.

Fear and Favour: The Australia-Iraq-U.S. Equation (From Asia Times Online, 16/06/2004).
During a White House press conference after last week’s talks with Australian Prime Minister John Howard, U.S. President George W. Bush, in an unprecedented and highly controversial move, appeared to take sides in the upcoming Australian election, expected in August.

How to Use Permaculture Principles as Life Hacks

Permaculture is a system of ancient, common sense design principles brought together in a philosophy by Australian visionaries Bill Mollison and David Holmgren in the late 70s. It has been described as a way of working with, rather than against, nature. 

Interview with Rod Barton — Iraq Weapons Inspector

Rod Barton’s place in history is secure. Through his service as an original member of the U.N. inspection teams UNSCOM and UNMOVIC between 1991 and 2002 and then as senior specialist advisor in the U.S.-formed Iraq Survey Group following the 2003 invasion, he has been one of the few people to be involved in the search for Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction from the very beginning.