Rich Bowden:
An Australian-based writer and podcaster, I specialise in freelance writing in the environmental, wholefoods, permaculture and organic lifestyle sectors. I work mainly for small companies, helping them use simple, clear content, blog posts and social media to boost their message in the marketplace.

A lover of the way words are used to convey thoughts and stories, I have worked for numerous content providers, natural food and renewable energy companies and online newspapers in these fields.

As a holder of a Permaculture Design Certificate, I have always been inspired by the ethics and principles of permaculture and run my business on the ethics of earthcare, peoplecare and fair share for all. This means a commitment to working hard for clients who have a goal of reducing their footprint on the planet we all share.

With my friend Jon Moore, I have extended my writing experience to running podcasts, initially The Real Food Chain and now as co-host of the podcasts RegenEarth and Permaculture Plus.