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Keyboard_typingOne of the key requirements for any company on a limited budget is to have access to tailored small business web services. Any small firm or organisation with a web presence needs a website that not only looks good and communicates their message to their potential customers but also optimised for search engines.

The choice is either to pay thousands to a major SEO marketing and web design service to design the site or get the job done “on the cheap” with consequent limitations or worse. The first will harm your budget, the second may harm your reputation.

However there is a third, more preferable, alternative. At Rich Bowden Writing we offer quality web services at an affordable cost designed exclusively for small businesses and community organisations. Our service includes the following:

Web hosting and domain registration
We’ll walk you through the process of registering the domain name and selecting the right hosting service for your website.

Custom, stylish responsive websites in a range of themes
Each small business is different and has varying needs. Our web services team will design the right website to suit your firm’s unique character and help you select the correct theme.

All sites backed by Content Management System
Content Management Systems (CMS) is a vital part of small business web services. An accessible and simple CMS will help you to seamlessly control ongoing content on your site. We make sure your CMS is suited to your content, simple in function and easy to use.

Looking for shopping carts and other e-commerce software? Our web service will help you select the right e-commerce software for your company’s needs.

Support plans
Take advantage of our special three month support package with our website design. We also offer troubleshooting packages should you need any assistance.

Social Media integration
Social media has become the marketing tool of choice for small businesses. As well as opening up a two way communication with readers (and potential clients), social media is recognised by search engines as an important platform in search engine rankings (SEO).

At Rich Bowden Writing we ensure that your website is fully integrated with the social media of your choice.

Small business web services needn’t mean buying an expensive, convoluted website and CMS with all the latest bells and whistles. If a simple, well-performing web design and solid support at an affordable cost is more your style, contact us for more information.

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