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Keyboard_typingSmall business social media has emerged in recent years as a key marketing tool for small to medium firms. For relatively little cost, small companies can compete with larger companies using platforms such as Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, the image-centred Pinterest and Instagram and video-focused YouTube.

One of the advantages of being a small to medium-sized business is the built-in agility that allows you to better connect with customers and clients.

Social media platforms are therefore ideally suited to small companies and community groups.

However another key benefit of platforms such as Google Plus and Facebook is that search engines such as Google “read” the number of likes and interactions as a vote of confidence. The more well patronised the page, the more it is rewarded.

The higher up the search engine rankings a company is placed for a relevant search term, the more likely they are to gain traffic. This helps small firms to compete in their SEO (search engine optimisation, or rankings in search engines), at a relatively low cost.

Some of the key points of a well-run small business social media campaign are as follows:

  • Interaction
  • Information
  • Style and voice
  • Regular updates


Traditional marketing was always a top down approach to sales. However marketing through social media always encourages a two way interaction. Readers have the opportunity to reply and comment on updates and add questions, feedback and general suggestions themselves.


Whether it be a link to a news item, company news or a bargain alert, social media is a wonderful way to inform readers. Importantly readers will benefit from the regular upddates and will click through to your website when links are provided.

Style and voice

It is important to get the style and voice of the social media right. This will be governed by the type of small business and the style of the website.

Regular updates

Hitting that “sweet spot” between overdoing and underdoing social media updates is crucial. We suggest daily or twice daily updates spread apart as the most effective though this may depend on the reader’s habits.

Do you run a small business or community organisation and are interested in the benefits of social media?

Talk to us about how we can help you with your small business social media marketing. We’ll help you decide which platform(s) suit your company best, the style and regularity of the social media updates and the topics, news and links that will interest your readers best.

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