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pamphleteer-credit-tjsmit10While  social media, content writing and website design have become the SEO tools of choice in recent years,  email marketing is still a tried and true method of getting through to your potential customers. Here are five of the reasons why a small business newsletter will help your company grow and connect to your clients.

People who have signed up for regular updates on your site have already expressed an interest in hearing more about your company or organisation. With the work already half done, all you need to do is provide a regular,  well-produced, interesting and informative newsletter.

Five reasons why a small business newsletter will benefit your readers 

  1. Will give you the chance to offer newsletter recipients early specials on products or services.
  2. Keep readers abreast of company news and updates.
  3. Inform them of new lines being offered.
  4. Provide news within your sphere of interest
  5. Link to social media

At Rich Bowden Writing we provide you with a regular newsletter ready for you to send out to those on your mailing list. This is offered as a stand-alone small business newsletter or as part of a full website and social media package. Please contact us for further information.

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