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640px-Woman-typing-on-laptop. Credit. Matthew BowdenDo you manage a small business? Are you head of a community group? Perhaps you’re looking to sharpen your firm’s message and optimise your website for search engines? Small business content writing is one of the key ways to get your message to your readers, potential clients or members in a way that is not only sharp and concise but will also help your SEO.

Understanding keywords and how to integrate them into content is one of the main skills of an experienced small business content writer. We have a team experienced in SEO who know that writing for the most important person (the reader) is the key to SEO success.

As a small business or community organisation your aim may be to focus your goals to your audience and, in doing so, attract more traffic to your website. But what about that limited budget? How do you — the small business or community group manager — compete with the larger firms who have far more resources available to them?

Here’s where we can help. We are a business writing and web design team with a product that is specifically tailored to suit limited budgets. We provide quality work but at a price that will suit you.

At Rich Bowden Writing we offer an SEO writing and web design package aimed to suit the budget of the small entrepreneur or community group. This includes professional web services (including small business web design), small business content writing, social media setup and updates and newsletters. Contact us here to discuss how we can help you get your message across.

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