Could your cooking oil be toxic to your health?

Have you thought about the health effects of the type of cooking oil or fat that you use? Do you cook with butter, coconut or olive oil? Or do you go for one of the polyunsaturated oils such as safflower?

For recent studies have shown it’s true that oils ain’t oils!

Originally published in Aussie Health Products. Read the full article here.

6 Ways Turmeric can Heal

Turmeric is one of the most versatile — and colourful — of all spices. Drawn from the root of the perennial Curcuma longa plant, it has a range of uses in traditional Indian cuisine where its taste and colour are highly sought after by cooks. But did you also know about its healing properties?

Originally published in Aussie Health Products.

Teff, the not so new supergrain on the block

“While teff has been touted as the latest “supergrain” amongst foodies and health food advocates, there’s actually nothing “new” about this ancient grain. In fact it’s been harvested and treasured by African people as an important form of sustenance for many generations. As dietician Georgie Rist told Good Food magazine, “Every week there is a new superfood. We forget that [people] have been eating superfoods for years, but just not calling them that.” Read more at Aussie Health Products.

Book review: The End of Plenty — Joel K. Bourne Jr

the-end-of-plentyPart warning and part survival manual, author, journalist and agronomist Joel K. Bourne Jr refuses to mince words in his book “The End of Plenty: The Race to Feed a Crowded World” (Scribe 2015). He argues coherently that the world is running out of food and that we must meet this challenge to avoid the accompanying social and environmental disaster such a policy failure will bring.

To read the full review see here.

7 Easy Ways to Declutter your Home

1464584798Ever thought about getting rid of the mess in your house but need a few ideas to go about it the right way? Looking to reclaim the back room and turn it into a study?

Decluttering may be exactly what you need. Check this article written for Bargain Spot back in June 2016.

Interior Design Ideas that will Blue Your Mind

1469425916If you’ve ever renovated, painted, remodelled or just flicked through a page of a trendy design magazine, you’ll know of the versatility of the colour blue. Here’s my article on the subject over at shopping locator Bargain Spot.

Companies big and small spend a great deal of time and money deciding which colour to brand their product or service. Their design agencies and branding experts understand very well the emotional impact a certain colour will generate and getting the right response depending on the aims of the company.


The changing face of solar as confidence returns

solar-changesHas the Turnbull takeover signalled an increase in confidence in the solar sector? Or will it be a more stylish interpretation of the same old policies under the Abbott era? My latest article for SolarQuotes looks at this question.

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