Hummus: the splendour and the taste

800px-Hummus_from_The_Nile Credit Paul Goyette

Why not try making hummus if you’re looking at wholefoods that are quick, easy and healthy. Originating from the Middle East and mentioned by Plato and Socrates, the dip or spread made from chickpeas and tahini paste is one of the world’s oldest — and healthiest — dishes Latest article for The Real Food Chain.


Interior Design Ideas that will Blue Your Mind

1469425916If you’ve ever renovated, painted, remodelled or just flicked through a page of a trendy design magazine, you’ll know of the versatility of the colour blue. Here’s my article on the subject over at shopping locator Bargain Spot.

Companies big and small spend a great deal of time and money deciding which colour to brand their product or service. Their design agencies and branding experts understand very well the emotional impact a certain colour will generate and getting the right response depending on the aims of the company.



The changing face of solar as confidence returns

solar-changesHas the Turnbull takeover signalled an increase in confidence in the solar sector? Or will it be a more stylish interpretation of the same old policies under the Abbott era? My latest article for SolarQuotes looks at this question.

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