Season 3 Episode 2 Wholefoods in the marketplace — In Defence of a Modern Yeomanry — The Real Food Chain — WORLD ORGANIC NEWS

Click Here for Podcast Link Co-host links: The Real Food Chain Rich Bowden Writing World Organic News Welcome to Season 3, episode 2, the second in our series on Wholefoods in the marketplace and our first for 2018. This week, co-host, writer, podcaster and organic farmer Jon Moore reads his article “In Defence of […] via…

Podcast: The Real Food Chain 1.2 Susan Goodwin interview

    via Season 1 Episode 2 — Susan Goodwin interview — The Real Food Chain  Podcast link: Season 1 Ep 2 — Susan Goodwin interview Welcome to Episode 2 of Season 1 on the subject of Fermenting Foods. This show we talk to fermenting food advocate and health food adept Susan Goodwin and ask her

Hummus: the splendour and the taste

Why not try making hummus if you want a wholefood that is quick, easy and healthy. Originating from the Middle East and mentioned by Plato and Socrates, the dip or spread made from chickpeas and tahini paste is one of the world’s oldest — and healthiest — dishes Latest article for The Real Food Chain.

How to find affordable small business web services

Keyboard_typingOne of the key requirements for any company on a limited budget is to have access to tailored small business web services. Any small firm or organisation with a web presence needs a website that not only looks good and communicates their message to their potential customers but also optimised for search engines.

Small business marketing

Welcome to Rich Bowden Writing, a team dedicated to providing business writing and web design services for small companies and community organisations. Our prices are tailored for the small business budget and we pride ourselves on our service. Ask how we can help with your marketing.

How to match the big firms with small business social media

Keyboard_typingSmall business social media has emerged in recent years as a key marketing tool for small to medium firms. For relatively little cost, small companies can compete with larger companies using platforms such as Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, the image-centred Pinterest and Instagram and video-focused YouTube.

One of the advantages of being a small to medium-sized business is the built-in agility that allows you to better connect with customers and clients.

Social media platforms are therefore ideally suited to small companies and community groups.

Five reasons to have a small business newsletter

pamphleteer-credit-tjsmit10While  social media, content writing and website design have become the SEO tools of choice in recent years,  email marketing is still a tried and true method of getting through to your potential customers. Here are five of the reasons why a small business newsletter will help your company grow and connect to your clients.

Small business content writing: getting the message across

640px-Woman-typing-on-laptop. Credit. Matthew BowdenDo you manage a small business? Are you head of a community group? Perhaps you’re looking to sharpen your firm’s message and optimise your website for search engines? Small business content writing is one of the key ways to get your message to your readers, potential clients or members in a way that is not only sharp and concise but will also help your SEO.