Rich Bowden Writing believes strongly in the role of great writing and podcasting in our community and economy. We offer a range of business writing and podcasting tailored to suit any budget.



We deliver podcasting advice, simple podcasting setup, equipment advice and audio editing (the real time-consuming part of podcasting). Check out our podcasting projects Permaculture Plus and The Real Food Chain — Wholefoods information, news and podcast with an Aussie accent!

Search engine optimisation

We can assist you with your site’s SEO (search engine ranking) through optimisation of your website and use of keywords in your content writing. We help you focus your company’s message through sharp, concise writing and a clean, attractive and user-friendly website.

We deliver this quality writing and podcasting services at a price suited to the budget of small business and community groups.

Interested in hearing more about our services?  Please contact us here to discuss our special introductory rates.

Good writing is like a windowpane  — George Orwell